14]   MAILBOXES — Mailbox and pedestal design must be approved in writing by the Board of Trustees.·             The Board recommends … forest aesthetic by being covered with treated wooden slats …·             Mailboxes set in pedestal units made of brick matching that of the house are permitted.·             One-piece mailbox + pedestal units made of plastic, rubber or resin, such as the Step-2 and Rubbermaid designs, are prohibited.

15]  STORAGE SHEDS — A single storage shed may be constructed on a lot to the rear of the house under the following conditions: 1.      Outside wall dimensions not to exceed ten by fourteen feet (10 x 14 ft.)2.      Style may be barn or utility3.      Siding on shed must be wood4.      Wall finish must conform with the house or be a natural wood with clear preservative5.      Roof must be shingled in a pattern and color that conforms with the house roof1

6]  WHIRLPOOL SPAS (hot tubs) — A single storage shed may be constructed on a lot to the rear of the house under the following conditions: 1.         In contrast to an above-ground pool, a whirlpool spa is a packaged unit, with the motor/pump concealed within its design. By virtue of its physical size and characteristics, a whirlpool spa limits the type of activities and number of users. Unlike above-ground pools, whirlpool spas are considerable smaller in scale, most likely less than four (4) feet high; and occupy a much smaller amount of land area.2.         Spa unit must be entirely enclosed within a structure (such as a gazebo), recessed into a deck structure, or freestanding with adequate screening.3.         Spa units that are not enclosed by a structure (such as a gazebo), must have privacy screening (such as lattice work, fencing, evergreen shrubbery) to obscure it from neighbors’ view.4.         Spa unit must be equipped with a tight-fitting, hard shell cover, or be within a locked structure to prevent accidental entry. 

17]  LEASING —  1.      No unit shall be leased by a unit owner to others as a regular practice of business, speculative, investment or other similar purpose. 2.      To meet special situations and to avoid undue hardship or practical difficulties, the Board of Trustees may grant permission to an owner to lease his unit to specified renter for a period not less than four (4) consecutive months nor more than a total of twenty-four (24) consecutive months.3.      All leases shall be made subject to the rules, covenants and restrictions of this Declaration and Code of Regulations.4.      For the duration of the current lease, the foregoing restriction on leasing shall not apply to unit owners who are leasing units prior to its effectiveness.5.      All leases shall be approved by the Board of Trustees thirty (30) days before the unit is occupied and shall contain an addendum prepared by the Association specifying certain restrictions which are to be made part of the lease.6.      This restriction on leasing shall not apply to an Owner’s “Family Members” who are defined as the Owner’s spouse, former spouse, children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, adopted children, step-children, step-parents, natural siblings (brothers and sisters) and parents of adopted children.7.      Under circumstances where renting is allowed, units shall be leased in their entirety.8.      The leasing of only part of a unit, such as subletting, is prohibited.9.      Any conflict between this provision or other provisions of this Declaration and Code of Regulations shall be interpreted in favor of this restriction on leasing.