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Upcoming Activities:

  • Tennis and Pickleball courts resurfacing soon but open now!
  • Summer Social
  • Waterford/Woods Community Garage Sale, Wednesday June 21, 5-9pm; Thursday & Friday, June 22-23, 9a-6p. The City of Strongsville requires you to obtain a permit when you have a garage sale, but don’t worry – it’s FREE. Fill out this simple form to request a permit, and for more information. https://apps.strongsville.org/GarageSales/
  • July 4th Parade

Pickleball Season is Underway!

Spring is here!! We just found out the company that will be resurfacing the courts are about 3 to 4 weeks behind schedule – so it looks like our work will not be completed until June.  : (   So we are not going to wait for the court resurfacing – we are going to start playing!!!
We will start open Pickleball nights – tomorrow MONDAY, MAY 15th – 6pm to ??
Come on up – if you are experienced we will have a court for you. If you are still learning, we will have court for you!! If you have never played or never heard of it – come on up – it is a blast! If you are 20 or 80 you can play it! As the season moves forward and the demand is there, we are hoping to have a couple nights of week of open courts.

Heads up, Howe Road travelers:

Howe Road is now only open to local traffic. Local traffic means you are going to an address that is only accessible by driving though this construction area. Vehicles going to Kids First or South Park Square Senior Apartments are asked to do so by coming from Royalton Road. Officers are stationed at both ends of the construction to ensure any vehicles entering the construction zone are considered local traffic. All other vehicles are being denied access.

Dear Dog Owners:

It has been brought to the WOS Board’s attention that people are taking walks with their dog(s) untethered. There are resident concerns that can be acted upon. Your pet may be the sweetest and best pet ever, but laws are made for everyone, so please be lawful, and out of respect for your neighbors, please leash your pet when you take walks with them.

Dear Neighbors:

Happy Spring! Spring is all around us and it’s a perfect time to walk outside and look at your home through the eyes of others. It is time to start planning to take care of some of the needed projects, many very small, to keep the Woods looking great.

The Woods is 30 years old. Fortunately, Pulte built the homes with brick and stone fronts, which really makes a difference in the appearance of a neighborhood over a quarter of a century old. As homeowners, I think everyone can agree that we want to keep the property values up. As Board members have been going through the neighborhood, we have compiled a list of areas to look at:

  • An odd missing shutter
  • Shaker siding that needs painting, maintenance or replacing
  • An old built-in basketball hoop or playground set that needs to be removed
  • Sidewalks that are very uneven and pose trip hazards
  • Mailbox that needs attention
  • Doors/trim that need to be painted
  • Sides of houses that need a good power washing
  • Lamp posts that are not lit dusk to dawn (which is a city ordinance)
  • Landscaping that needs attention
  • Fences that need to be repaired and/or stained

If everyone does their part to keep their houses looking great, this will continue to be the best looking neighborhood at our 50th anniversary! Thank you so much! ––Your Woods Board

New Business Coming to Ellsworth/Pearl Area

Proposal for southern side of our entrance has been approved. More information here:  


Neighbors: If you are a dog owneryou are walking your dog and it decides to poop – clean it up!  It does not matter if it is on someones front yard or in one of the common areas of the development – please be considerate!! There have been many complaints about this and it’s a simple and considerate thing to do to keep after your pet’s droppings. Thank you in advance!

Soccer Field Reservation policy here.

For up-to-date information and conditions on COVID-19, flu and RSV in Ohio, go to odh.ohio.gov.

Gordon Short is our Councilman for Ward 4 in Strongsville. At the 2022 Woods annual meeting he welcomed us to share his contact information. His cell number is 440-821-6625; Email gordon.short@strongsville.org. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gordoncshort

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