• GENERAL RESTRICTIONS [VII–Sections numbered below]

 1]    ANTENNA — For TV reception, all units must use underground cable or a satellite dish, one (1) meter or less in diameter, placed in an unobtrusive location. Written permission to erect a dish is required.

2]   SIGNS — No signs are permitted, other than tasteful “House for Sale”.        City ordinance 1978-13 states: “No resident shall post more than two (2) temporary signs advertising a home sale …  not to exceed four and one-half square feet in area … shall not be illuminated or animated”:·         “One directional sign posted in the City right of way at the corner of the street where the sale is to be conducted.”·         “One sign to be located on the lot where the sale is to be conducted.”

3]   USE OF HOME — No Living Unit shall be used for other than residential purposes.

4]   CLOTHES LINE — Hanging out laundry is prohibited.

5]   MACHINERY — Operation of home/yard maintenance machinery, only, is allowed. City ordinances PROHIBIT noisy operation after dark.

6]   FENCES or WALLS — Fences or walls of any kind may not be erected or permitted to remain on the Properties unless approved in writing by the Board of Trustees.·         Fences shall be constructed of treated wood of the following designs: board-on-board, open board, picket or split rail. ·         All fences may be finished with a clear, natural or neutral stain, except that, only picket fences of 4 feet or less may be painted white with written Board approval.·         Fences of a height greater than 4 ft. shall require the written approval of each and every contiguous neighbor before Board consideration. 

7]   DUMPING — Dumping of any kind is prohibited on the common properties.

8]   RV’s, BOATS, TRUCKS, TRAILERS — No vehicle of any kind may be stored on any street, driveway or property, except inside a garage. ·         VEHICLE PARKING RESTRICTED HOURS — City ordinance 1973-95 PROHIBITS any vehicle standing or parking on any street between the hours of 2:00 – 6:00 AM. ·         NO VEHICLE PARKING FIRE HYDRANT SIDE — City ordinance 1982-89 PROHIBITS any vehicle standing or parking at any time on the fire hydrant side of any residential street (“except within the circular area at the end of a cul-de-sac”).

9]   FIREARMS, FIREWORKS, HUNTING — Discharge of firearms, explosives or fireworks is PROHIBITED (Ohio Revised Code 3743.80).

10]   MOTORBIKES, ATV’S, SNOWMOBILES — operation of motor vehicles are PROHIBITED on the common properties (Ohio Revised Code 4519.40).

11]    RETENTION BASINS — Swimming, wading, fishing, boating and dumping are PROHIBITED in the retention basins.   

12]   SWIMMING POOLS — Above ground swimming pools are PROHIBITED. Temporary summer use of wading pools of no more than two (2) feet in height is permitted in backyards.