DECLARATION OF COVENANTS AND RESTRICTIONS is a legally binding document attached to your home deed and recorded with Cuyahoga County The following document is the Board of Trustees summary and clarification of the Covenants and Restrictions (C&R) approved through March 2001 by your fellow homeowners. — C&R Article & Section  given in brackets [   ]. Direct quotes from the C&R are indicated by italics. — 

  •  PURPOSE [Whereas] — The developer (Forest City Land Group, formerly known as Sunrise Development) and the builders (Pulte Master Builder & Bailey Homes) established The Woods of Strongsville Homeowners Association, Inc. (formerly known as Drake Estates Community Association) to preserve the values and amenities in said community and to exercise the powers of maintaining and administering the community properties and facilities, administering and enforcing the covenants and restrictions, and collecting and disbursing the assessments and charges hereinafter created.  The developer and builders had some definite ideas about the architecture and environment of the Woods. They established an Association and empowered its Board of Trustees (specifications in the Code of Regulations) to enforce this Declaration. The purpose is to create and maintain a pleasant community with recreational and aesthetic values that make it a nice place to live … and where the monetary property values will increase for all the residents. Individual preferences are limited by the overall plan for the community.   When people buy a home in The Woods, they sign a Planned Unit Development Rider that legally obligates them to the Covenants and Restrictions. 
  • MEMBERSHIP [III.1-2] — The owner(s) of each home is a member of the Association. Each of the current 267 living units & 1 commercial lot on Pearl Road is entitled to one vote per unit. The Association includes all the detached and cluster homes on the following streets (unless otherwise noted) : 
Ash Drive (18388) Lyon Lane Westbrooke Lane
Blue Spruce Drive Martins Lane Whitemarsh Lane
Ellsworth Drive Northrup Lane Woodhaven Drive
Elm Drive (19462-19654) Oliver Drive Woodside Crossing North
Hazen Drive Walnut Drive (18403-18759) Woodside Crossing South
  •  COMMON PROPERTIES [IV.3-5] — The Association has the duty to maintain the common properties with their facilities and the storm sewers and swales contained therein. 
  • MEMBERS PRIVILEGES [IV.6] — The Board of Trustees makes rules for use of the common properties and facilities by members, family members living in their homes and their guests. 
  • LOSS OF PRIVILEGES [IV.6]— The Board of Trustees can suspend the enjoyment rights of any member … and his household and guests for non-payment of an assessment … or for any infraction of such rules and regulations. 
  •  ASSESSMENTS [V.1-6] — The Board of Trustees shall establish a budget and set the assessments for each year. The assessments are used to promote recreation, health, safety and welfare of the members and for the improvement and maintenance of properties, services and facilities. Commercial properties within the Association will be assessed at a separate rate determined by the Board of Trustees.      The assessments shall become due and payable on the first day of February.