Section 4 — AssessmentsAnnual assessments shall be paid by the owner of each of the eight (8) lots, beginning with date of initial ground breaking for any portion of the Subdivision construction. The amount of the assessment shall be determined by the Board of Trustees for any lot that is larger or smaller than the original plat dimensions. 

Section 5 — Architectural ReviewThe Developer, his Successors or Assigns,  and Board of Trustees must give written approval, within twenty (20) days of delivery by Certified U.S. Mail, to each and every building plan and any subsequent alterations to the originally approved plan. 

Section 6 — Building DesignThe dwelling constructed on any lot shall have a minimum footprint of 1,600 square feet with a total minimum living area of 2,600 square feet, not including garage. Single floor home designs must have a minimum of 2,000 sq. ft. living area. The design shall harmonize with existing single family homes in the Woods. Not less than 70% of the exterior front of the dwelling shall have be brick or stone. Garage doors shall face away from Ellsworth Drive incoming traffic. 

Section 7 — Sidewalks and LandscapingWithin twenty-four (24) months of initial groundbreaking for any portion of the subdivision, Owner shall install sidewalks and seed or sod the tree lawn and twenty (20) feet of lawn inside from sidewalk, regardless if a house is erected or not; otherwise, Developer, his Successors or Assigns,  may install said improvement at the owner’s expense and file a lien against said lot. 

Section 8 — Forest Aesthetics No “clear cutting” of a lot is permitted.  Every attempt shall be made to preserve as many trees as possible on each lot.  Special care should be taken to maintain the aesthetic “woods” look.  As proscribed by the plat: a scenic easement of uncut trees, with a diameter of three (3) inches or more, shall be maintained at the rear of each lot.