• EFFECT OF NON-PAYMENT OF ASSESSMENTS [V.7-8] — If the assessments are not paid on the date when due, … then such assessment shall become delinquent, together with such interest thereon and cost of collection.…If an installment of an annual or special assessment is not paid within thirty (30) days after the due date, such delinquent assessment or installment shall bear interest from the due date at the highest rate permitted by law, and the Association may … bring an action at law against the owner … and may foreclose the lien against the property.…Sale or transfer shall not relieve such property from liability for any assessments thereafter becoming due, nor from the lien of any such subsequent assessment.           
  • RESERVE FUND [V.10] – The Association shall establish a restricted capital Reserve Fund with an initial principal of $75,000 received from the separation of certain commercial properties. The Board of Trustees is to manage the Capital Fund to produce a steady and secure rate of return. The Board may spend any or all of the annual interest on maintenance and capital expenses. The Board may not spend more than $5,000 of the principal in any given year, without an affirmative vote of 2/3 of a majority of the homeowners, present in person or by proxy, at a duly called and held meeting. 
  • ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL [VI] — No building, fence, wall or other structure shall be erected, placed, or altered … until the plans and specifications showing the nature, kind, shape, heights, materials, colors and location of the same shall have been submitted to and approved by the Board of Trustees in writing to assure harmony of external design and location in relation to surrounding structures, topography, … etc. … Review and approval of any application … shall be made on the basis of aesthetic considerations only. 
  • APPLICATION PROCESS for Architectural Review· BEFORE you get a building permit from the city (to ascertain good and safe engineering), and BEFORE you commit time and money to a project, you must submit a written application to the Board and obtain WRITTEN APPROVAL.
    · Applications are reviewed at the monthly Board meeting. Apply early to avoid delays.
    · The City will hold your building permit application if you do not have prior Association approval.
    · Written application to the Board of Trustees c/o Architectural Review must include these four (4) items: 1. OUTLINE (with dimensions) of the proposed structure drawn on the topographical map of your lot, showing placement within your property and proximity to other lots and structures; 2. BIRD’S EYE VIEW of the structure (with dimensions) to show deck planking, walk pattern, etc.; 3. PROFILE VIEW (with dimensions) to show how the structure will look to a standing viewer; 4. TYPE of MATERIALS, COLOR and FINISH of the structure
  • GENERAL RESTRICTIONS [VII–Sections numbered below] 1]   ANTENNA — For TV reception, all units must use underground cable or a satellite dish, one (1) meter or less in diameter, placed in an unobtrusive location. Written permission to erect a dish is required.

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