Welcome to the new website for the Woods of Strongsville HomeOwners Association.  If this is your first time here (It probably is) please look around, there are more things coming shortly.   The data on the old site was very out of date, so no user accounts were copied over, so you will need to create a new user account.  Any old account information you used on the old site is gone, and you can use anything you want as a user name, just fill in the required profile data as completely as possible.  Multiple members of the same household can also make their own accounts, you will no longer have to share, and you can also create and maintain your own password.  If you are just here to pay your HOA fees, there is a link below.      

2019 HOA Annual meeting recap posted

Aug 03, 2019

Added to the RESOURCES/ANNUAL MEETING RECAP, is the recap of the annual meeting for the members who could not attend, written by our own Tom Newbould.  



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