FRONT YARD POST LAMPS  — City ordinance 1998-104 states: “On residential streets in subdivisions where a developer elected to illuminate … with post lamps in front yards of residential properties in lieu of the installation of municipal street lighting, such post lamps shall be maintained in working order to provide illumination of the property and the public rights-of-way to the extent intended in the original design … for the protection of the safety of the general public.” 

GENERAL PROVISIONS [VIII.2-8]       ENFORCEMENT — The Board notifies the owner by regular mail of a violation of these Covenants and Restrictions and can use any legal means to restrain the violation or recover damages. These Covenants and Restrictions are binding on each owner by reason of county record, whether the owner is personally aware of them or not.If any owner or occupant of owner’s lot, violates any covenant, restriction or rule as required by the Declaration, Bylaws, or Rules, the Association shall charge and collect from said owner the entire cost and expense, including reasonable attorney’s fees of such enforcement. Any such amount shall be deemed to be an additional assessment upon such owner and shall be due and payable when payment is requested. The Association shall have the right to obtain a lien for said amount in the same manner and the same extent as if it were a lien for common expenses.        AMENDMENTS — Amendments to these Covenants and Restrictions may be made at a duly called and held meeting by not less than 66 2/3 percent of the membership present at meetings at which quorums were present in person or by proxy. ·        

ARTICLE IX — Houston Subdivision (SubLots H1-4 Martins Ln. & H5-8 Whitemarsh Ln.) PURPOSE [Whereas]— Houston Development, Ltd. (Developer) wishes to develop eight (8) homesites on land adjacent to existing homes in the Woods of Strongsville and intend those eight homesites to be included in the Woods of Strongsville Homeowners Association (Association), subject to its Covenants and Restrictions; the following additional Covenants and Restrictions shall apply to the Houston homesites only. 

Section 1 — Additional Restrictions for Houston SubdivisionThe Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions of the Woods of Strongsville shall govern the Houston Subdivision, with the addition of the following restrictions. 

Section 2 — Lots All eight (8) of the lots in the Subdivision are restricted to single-family use and only one (1) dwelling shall be erected on each lot. Any reduction or increase in lot size will require the prior written  approval of the Developer, his Successors or Assigns, and the Board of Trustees of the Woods of Strongsville Homeowners Association. Failure to approve or disapprove any written request within twenty (20) days of delivery by Certified U.S. Mail shall be considered approved by either the Developer or The Homeowners Association. 

Section 3 — Common PropertyThe common property shall be deeded to The Woods of Strongsville Homeowners Association upon Houston Subdivision plat approval by the City Council of Strongsville.